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Guest Review: Perfect Chemistry

In Guest, Review, Romance, Young Adult on October 25, 2010 at 10:33 am

Perfect Chemistry (Perfect Chemistry #1) by Simone Elkeles

As Reviewed by my Guest Reviewer Lauren

Published January 1st 2008 by Walker Books for Young Readers
Paperback, 360 pages

Yes this book is a little formulaic and no it’s not going to enrich my life in any significant way but I have to say it was a truly enjoyable read. Think Romeo and Juliet/West Side Story meets Grease (minus the singing.) Who could resist?

When an author decides to name their book Perfect Chemistry they are putting a lot of pressure on themselves. And their characters had better live up to that claim. I am happy to say that they did. Alex and Brittany are a sizzling hot couple and in all honesty I think it is there chemistry that carries the book which would otherwise have an only fare to middling plot. I am sure that if I really analyzed it I could find a million flaws in the plot line, characters and writing of this book but why would I even try.

I took this book for what it is, a young adult romance novel and loved every minute I spent reading it.

5/5 Stars


  1. Great review 🙂 I heart this series!!

  2. This is my favorite series! I can't wait for the third one to come out next year!

  3. This is one of my favorites as well. Can't wait to read the third book.

  4. You're right…when you look on the surface this is a fun, hot YA romance. I really enjoyed it. I did have some kinda big issues with the book when I started thinking about it more seriously. So I just have to enjoy it as candy and not nutrition.

  5. loved that you loved it im a great fan of the series!

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