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In Musing Mondays on October 4, 2010 at 9:55 am

This weekly meme is hosted by Should Be Reading

This week’s musing…

What’s your favorite “cozy” book — and, by that, I’m meaning “curl-up-on-a-cold-day comfort read“? Or, if you don’t have a particular book, what genre do you most feel like reading when the weather starts to turn colder?

Definitely the Harry Potter series!

And you?

  1. I never read that series, I recently heard that the author is hinting that maybe another Harry book is in the works. But, don't know if it is just a rumor or truth.

  2. LOL..short and sweet answer. I have several “cozy” books. Check out what I am Musing for Monday.

  3. Oh, I haven't read that series, yet, but I'm sure I will. One of my granddaughters is on her second reading of the series and loves it.

    Here's my musing:


  4. I read the Harry Potter series straight through a few years ago and thought J.K. Rowling was a brilliant story weaver. I don't think there was one loose end that she didn't wrap up at the end of book 7.

  5. yes, you may win for shortest answer!
    as usual, I drone on….about my love of mysteries.

  6. You can never go wrong with Harry Potter!

    Here's my musing: http://thebookscapereport.blogspot.com/2010/10/musing-mondays.html

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